Open Call for the 4th edition of Boutique Art Fair NESVRSTANI to be held from 17.6. to 20.6. 2021 in Lauba - House for People and Art in Zagreb

Deadline for registration: April 7, 2021

BOUTIQUE ART FAIR NESVRSTANI is an art fair that provides a commercial platform for galleries, artists’ associations and individual artists.
With its exhibition program and supporting program, NESVRSTANI deals with the issues of the art market, opening the space to private and independent galleries and artists' associations for networking and making connections with art collectors.


The competition is open to galleries, art associations and organizations, as well as independent artists, active in the field of contemporary arts that want to commercially present their work at the art fair.
The organizer of the Boutique Art Fair NESVRSTANI is Lauba - House for People and Art, Prilaz baruna Filipovića 23a, 10 000 Zagreb.

Open call categories:


Galleries, artists associations and organizations - main category in the exhibition and sales program: Exhibitors in category A are provided with the space up to 50 m2 with panel /wall area (320 x 295 cm + 320 x 420 cm + 320 x 420 cm) for exhibiting, in which galleries can be represented individually or in groups * (* up to three galleries).


Solo Exhibitors - Visual Artists: The category of a solo presentation by a single artist or art group. Exhibitors in category B are assigned a booth or panel / wall, measuring 3m2 - 5m2.
* In case of group applications, in addition to the individual evaluation of works, the overall exhibition concept is considered. The organizer may propose the joining of individual artists in a group presentation, or the separation of a group application.


- NESVRSTANI Boutique Art Fair will be held at Lauba - House for People and Art (Layout above)
- the organizer provides all the costs of the exhibition space;
- The organizer ensures the promotion of events, catalogs and supporting materials
- The organizer allocates the exhibition space and determines the total number of exhibitors


- The exhibitors undertake to participate throughout the entire duration of the Boutique Art Fair NESVRSTANI and to respect codes of conduct, such as working hours, and allocated space positions:
for category A: presence of at least one person from the team artist/curator/gallery in the case of an artistic organization during the working hours;
for category B: presence of artists /exhibitors during the working hours

- Exhibitors design their own exhibit concept and maintain communication with visitors
- Exhibitors are obliged to submit photographic and textual material for the production of the catalog and media announcement by April 27, 2021;
- The transportation costs is the obligation of the exhibitor.


- The application form with supporting materials must be sent by January 20, 2020 at with the indication NESVRSTANI 2020. – izlagači.

The application form must contain:

For Category A
- A brief description of the gallery/organization of the art, the scope of the gallery;
- Names of the artist the proponent intends to exhibit;
- Short CV of the artist;
- Photographs and technical description of the artworks he intends to exhibit (10 to 15 photographs of the works in resolution for the web or a link to the photos on an online platform).
In the case of group exhibitions of several galleries, a description of the common exhibition concept should be provided.

For Category B
- Short CV, field of activity
- Photographs and technical description of the works she/he intends to exhibit (10 to 15 photographs of the works in web resolution or photo link).