Lauba - House for People and Art

Lauba is the House for People and Art which produces contemporary and urban cultural programmes. Lauba is the first protected cultural monument in the city of Zagreb to have been successfully transformed into a contemporary exhibition space in this millennium. Lauba was built as a horse-riding center of the Austro-Hungarian army in 1910, and on its 100th birthday it has finaly begun the renovation. The numerous awards and the prestigious annual award of the Croatian Society of Architects, Bernardo Bernardi, indicate that this is an exceptional architectural intervention. With the opening of Lauba in 2011 Zagreb got a brand new space dedicated to the visual art and culture, a space that possesses potential of creating a dialog in society – in the neighborhood, local and world community.

Boutique Art Fair NESVRSTANI

Nesvrstani Boutique Art Fair was founded in 2018 in Zagreb. Nesvrstani not only provides a commercial communication platform for galleries, but surpasses the classical model of an art fair and provides an opportunity for presentation of independent artists and art organizations, street art artists and professional education in the field of art market. Boutique Art Fair Nesvrstani deals with the topic of art market and aims to contribute directly to the greater valorization of contemporary artists and the creation of a new generation of collectors in the region of Eastern Europe. The particularity of Nesvrstani is the possibility of finding exceptional artworks, available not only to experienced collectors but also to art lovers who want to have a unique artwork at an affordable price. Lauba's selection guarantees the quality of artwork.